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Gloveboost Glove Wash

It's so simple: with clean latex coverings you have significantly more grip than with dirty ones.Therefore, your goalkeeper gloves should be cleaned from aggressive dirt and sweat by hand wash after every game. The highly concentrated active formula of SUPER WASH binds dirt particles and removes odors. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the pores and do not stick together. In this way, the natural moisture in the latex is preserved and all other technical components and functional materials stay in top shape.

Your goalkeeper gloves are already regenerated, refreshed and activated for the next use at the highest level after a 10 minute hand bath. The TURBO technology effectively removes all impurities, is gentle on the material and mild on the skin.

SUPER WASH is extremely economical because it is a washing concentrate. 5 - 7 sprays are sufficient for a glove bath with moderate contamination of your goalkeeper gloves. A bottle of SUPER WASH of 200 ml is enough for about 50 hand washes. It is economical, environmentally friendly and very economical. The premium cleaner has a discreet and pleasant fragrance.


1. Put on both goalkeeper gloves
2. Wet thoroughly, preferably in the sink
3. Spray both palms and fingers 5-7 times with SUPER WASH
4. Lather the gloves well and work in the concentrate gently
5. Leave on for 10 minutes in a water bath
6. Then rinse under running water until the foam has washed out all dirt from the gloves
7. Then wrap the towel gloves in a towel and squeeze out the remaining water
8. Air dry, never lay in the sun or on the heating, never put in a dryer!

Before using for the first time, please read the information on the bottle.